Discovering Wholeness

Trauma, Distress and Stress can be seen as an INJURY to emotional wellbeing, which in turn affect the MENTAL, as well as the PHYSICAL body.

The awareness of ill effects of mental and emotional strain in our lives is becoming better understood. With the increase of neuro-scientific studies, more and more evidence suggests that stress, distress and trauma create stops and yield signs in our lives. It has been my observation though, that few people see the need to seek assistance for their mental or emotionally non-balanced way of being. Only when people no longer cope, or life falls apart or some tragedy befalls them do they realise the possibility of seeking some support from a professional source.

What I have found is that people attempt to hide their pain and even hide in their pain. That is easier than admitting that life is not lived at its ultimate high, which is in fact your brit right to live by. It appears easier to work around the painful experiences, leading to further painful experiences. I call this “spiral living”. We only need to take a look at the global trends to see how it affects all of us. It has become a norm to live a stressful life. It is what life requires from us. More and more is becoming a norm within ourselves to submit to cultural addictions. The rise of various addictions on a whole is evident wherever you look. What does this suggest? We live in an emotionally detached way of being.

We live within a myth. The more we can do and take on, the stronger we become. Strong in this sense, refers to power, success by financial definitions and strength in survival. This myth is also upheld by the expectations for the world around us. When I look at this and bring it together with all the ills surrounding us, then I question why this myth exists and its value to us who live within it.

There is nothing wrong with being strong and successful. Don’t get me wrong. I simply question the cost of this strength when the power does not dome from within, and needs to be upheld by ‘pretend’ strength so that nobody knows that you are not coping.

Why does your body get ill when you are stressed?

Even if you put your emotions on hold so that the pain is not felt at all, or not as severely, they surface at the most inappropriate moments. This creates the need for more armour. Your body is geared to always go into survival mode which creates a series of chemical changes to match the onslaught. With recurring and in prolonged stress periods the body does not recover sufficiently. The stomach starts hurting. The joints start hurting and eventually the whole body starts hurting.

So, who is really strong here? What if the armour collapses, which eventually it does?

Here is another question – “What if you could be really strong and face that which hurts and pains you?” The doctors are well equipped to heal the physical pains with medication. The emotional pain, when not addressed, will continue.

To get a clear perspective, it is easier to work with a professional. It would be normal for you to bring up the armour for survival rather than face the pain, even to yourself. To be supported in a process of pain release gives added value to you and your ultimate life.

We expect our loved ones, family and friends, to offer us that support. This expectation the #1 reason for failing relationships. Why? Your loved ones have and hold their own painful experiences which they struggle to deal with. How much support can they really offer? Can you really expect them to hold you and your needs? How much extra can you load onto your emotionally stressed body? You are strong?! Really?

Feedback that I receive from my clients indicates that they feel lighter after each session. The burdens of pain feel lifted. It opens doors for joyful living in the true sense. Life becomes real and dealing with difficulties become a part of life without the sense of burden added. When trauma is released, strength from the inside is felt. Although, still living in a cultural addictions zone, you can step into ultimate living.

To understand wholeness and living within wholeness, you need to allow yourself the experience of healing from your emotional injuries.

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