This is a group workshop.
The group participation supports you in setting up your Constellation, as you participate for other members in the group to set up their Constellation. Healing, insights, and learning are valuable gifts that you take away from each other’s Constellation.

If you would not like a constellation set up for you, please select the Observer option.

We host monthly online open workshops/training with the following themes:

19th September – Stepping into Purpose

Purpose – is a multilayered concept.  We are always on purpose. You may have a dream or calling in mind and have been struggling to step into it out of fear or because something is holding you back and you feel you can’t step forward. Within a systemic constellation, you can uncover not only your fear but also the hidden element that keeps you stuck.

10th October – The Entrapment of Vows and Beliefs

Have you ever considered the entanglements of a vow “I will never…” or a belief “If only…” create in your life?  Within a systemic constellation, we can unhook you from those beliefs so that you can be free of the chains that bind you.

14th November – Past, Present and Future

Why are your present experiences different to your expectations?  The hidden entanglements of the past keep you from moving in the direction of your dreams, whether they be in relationships or in financial abundance.  You can gain meaningful insights through setting up a systemic constellation to unlock a future you desire.

12th December – Family issues – Finding Compassion

Yes, we can choose our friends, but we are entangled in our family – whether we like it or not. With systemic constellations, you can resolve unresolved issues in a meaningful way.

16th January 2022 – Law of Attraction

Opening up to opportunities comes with letting go of entangled fears from the systems we are loyal to.  

20th February 2022 – Relationships

Everything is in a relationship.  Some relationships serve us and some relationships.  What insights do you need to find the joy and love in your relationships?

These monthly themes allow creating the opportunity to explore questions and different constellation movements.  

Learning and knowing are different from experience.  The insights you gain from these workshops will give you the confidence to facilitate transformational shifts within yourself as well as when working with your clients.