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How are you dealing with the effects of COVID-19?

Are you struggling with anxiety and fear?
Are you feeling lost?
Concerned about your future?
Feeling trapped in despair?
Unsure of what is next?

from this new world emerging


Sonja Simak

​Sonja Simak is a trained Integral Traumatologist and registered Natural Health & Neuroauriculartology Practitioner and also qualified and registered as an International Master Life and Transformation Coach

How may I help you?

With proven powerful techniques you will be in command of your internal emotional state rather than being controlled by it.


Stress Management

Stress management with Personal Life Coaching is a natural follow on to our treatment methodologies. Re-connecting and feeling safe in life allows for healthier living bringing forth feelings of happiness and joy to be experienced naturally.


Path to True Happiness

Set yourself free to live Life by your own design!

Your Master Transformation coach supports you through your Transfomation Processes.


Path to True Happiness for Couples

YOU can set up your relationships around you to flourish!

Love Yourself! - this allows those around you to see your Best Self and they will be attracted to that as it allows them to bring out their Best Self. This then becomes the base of an awesome relationship.

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