My Commitment To You

  • Sonja respects the confidentiality of the agreements we make.
  • Sonja will coach and encourage you to expand your view of what is possible and promotes the discovery of new insights.  Transformation can only come about when we let go of belief systems that control our lives, but actually, no longer serve our lives in a positive way.  I fact, non-serving belief system hold us back from living a happy and fulfilled life.
  • Sonja will teach you a revolutionary step-by-step goal formation method, so you can always achieve any goal you set.
  • Sonja will give you input and straight feedback and operates as your sounding board. This may often come across as harsh.  Yes, it is tough to hear how we come across to others.  Know that this now happens in an environment where you are neither judged, criticised, or otherwise disempowered, like you would have been in your own environment.  Sonja has found that by dealing with painful, or other situations with truth and honesty, they are much quicker resolved and healed.
  • Sonja listens carefully for what you say and ass questions to increase your awareness.  You will be surprised how much you learn about yourself even in the first session.  This is because we mostly operate on ‘remote control’.  This is the body’s preferred way of functioning which keeps you in present life circumstance.
  • Sonja will coach and guide you through “Why are certain goals easy to achieve, while other goals just are simply not achievable”? Sonja will guide you in the uncovering of the reasons by removing blocks that hold you back or even sabotage you in your goal achievement plan.
  • The powerful systems that Sonja uses, are designed in such a way that you can easily follow, set and formulate your future journey.  You will be able to stay on track, enabling you to achieve you goals much faster. These systems have helped so many of Sonja’s clients with immediate effect, even while still busy going through the Path to True Happiness Program.
  • Sonja will be an ongoing resource for you in accomplishing your intentions.