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Stress, the Silent Killer

Today’s medical world tells us that stress is tied to many diseases and disorders. It is the direct cause of premature aging, and is also the enemy of creativy, memory, and optimal mental functioning.

Take the survey below to find out just how stressed you are.

Upon completion, we will give you your score, and a free copy of “Before the Breakdown”.

Stress Survey

First Name
Last Name
Do you sometimes feel that too much is expected of you in any given situation?
Do you cope with your workload at work?
Do you cope well with your relationship with your intimate loved one?
Do you handle lots of tasks all at once?
Do you often or sometimes have critical, judgemental or otherwise negative thoughts about events, situations other people or deadlines?
Do you often find yourself in argumentative situations?
Do you want to avoid certain situations or tasks?
Do you feel ‘stuck’ and unable to move or take on certain tasks?
Do you have a way to balance and find overall calmness after a stressful period or situation?
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