Depression as a Healing Point

Yes, depression can serve as a recognition of pain balls which can be healed!

Pain balls can become life’s play balls!

The awareness of depression has been heightened by the drastic act of Robin Williams leading to his untimely passing. “What really happened?”, is the question on everybody’s lips. Nobody really knows.

How can anybody know what goes on in the emotions of even the closest friend or even family member? We may speculate. We may assume. We cannot know for sure. We see happiness. We see sadness. We see what we are allowed to see. Robin Williams gave us many faces to see. He was a brilliant actor!

Depression hides many pain balls. Deep sadness, often linked to repressed trauma is a common underlying cause. Stress factors set ‘non coping’ into action resulting in feeling of low mood. The resultant change in the body chemicals which necessitate balancing with artificial ‘feel good’ mechanisms such as addictions in one form or another, and/or presciption anti-depressants, help in reducing the feelings of sadness.

‘Coping’ is established.

Does the artificial coping mechanism heal the feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness or helplessness?

What is needed for healing? Many different options of therapy are available. The most effective include a journey by which the supressed traumas are brought into consciousness to be dealt with. This notion creates a lot of fear. “Let’s rather not re-visit painful situations”, is a common view. In fact the more we suppress them the less likelihood of the memory surfacing. Life goes on.

The question arises whether depression is an illness which can only be corrected with chemical intervention to create a chemical balancing in the body. Yes, the person feels better and able to function with balanced emotional and cognitive thinking. They may even feel on top of the world and feel happy.

On the other side I question whether the release of suppressed trauma will also revert the chemical imbalance to be balanced with a similar result to the chemical intervention route. This has been my experience.

How effective is the combination of the above? It is a good suggestion. In my experience I have found that the ‘feel good’ through chemical intervention does not really allow for real repressed trauma to surface. Why is that? Trauma is resident in each and every cell in the body. With the overlay of ‘feel good’ artificial intervention, the trauma remains in the storage compartments. Cognitive processes are not enough for effective release. Yes, chemical intervention cannot be negated. It is and may be necessary. This needs to be assessed from case to case. It should merely not be the first and only port of call.

Depression is a warning sign that something is wrong in the emotional health system. By dealing with the wrong in the emotional body a healing point can be reached. Once the healing point is reached, the way forward in life with new awareness of dealing with pain balls effectively, allows for joyful living. The body’s ‘feel good’ hormones are thus naturally restored. Natural wholeness is achievable.

Do not judge your own or another’s sadness leading to depression. Give yourself and others the understanding that the hole is just a part of the whole. Wholeness allows for play balls to emerge once the pain balls have found their attention.

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