In recent months, world events have been concerning. Why are we in South Africa impacted by world events that create an even greater sense of scarcity? Rising costs of living. Food shortages, water scarcity, and electricity shortages strain our accustomed comfort zone. 

We are collectively being moved, more and more, by increased fear-mongering. Fear of war. Fear of increased crime. Fear of lack on every front of our lives. What is this fear costing you? Like you, I am also affected by these fears. At gatherings, we allow ourselves to express these fears, infusing each other with more and more worries. 

Then we wonder, why can we not step beyond these fears? 

What stops you from living in the presence of love and peace you desire?

Yes, being human allows us to engage with these fears. These fears keep us active. We actively search for solutions while we drown in more and more lack, brought about by more and more worries. 

Here is my take on this. Whatever you do from lack and fear of lack creates more and more scarcity. This approach to scarcity is not the solution. It is an illusion that we must do more to break the scarcity cycle. It creates the ongoing process of desperation from which there appears no reprieve.

What if we could reverse this downward spiral cycle?

The one positive about fear of lack is that it engages us in searching and creating insights into a possible solution. Being consciously aware of the fear allows us to acknowledge it for its positive function. It will enable us to engage with what we have. That is enough. Enough energy allows us to recognize the power in the flow of all of life. Enough energy in the flow of all of life allows us to acknowledge that there is more energy to work with us than against us. 

We all have to focus on how we use our energy. Using our power to focus on our scarcities leads to desperately treading water until we cannot continue. We lose hope of creating the future that we desire to live in. Using our energy to focus on how we can generate more energy allows us to focus on what we already have – which is enough right now – to move and create more of what we want to have.

Now we are faced with a new dilemma. What do you want to have? If your focus is on material wealth and financial freedom, is that the end goal? What lies beyond the end goal?

What if reversing the downward spiral cycle lies in our focus on that which lies beyond the end goal, which includes loving and fulfilling relationships with yourself, your family and friends, and your environment? Would that be enough?

You may think that this is a goal too far to reach. What if you could be in a fulfilling relationship with yourself, your family and friends, and your environment right now? What do you need to accomplish that? What is the lack you need to fill to meet the need to live in an atmosphere of love and happiness? 

What if your upward spiral starts with you, your energy and participation in just appreciating that you have enough right now? 

Enough is not perfect. It does not have to be. Enough is only the acknowledgment that you have life. With each breath, you take in energy, let it flow through you, and give it out in a different form. Energy constantly transforms.

What if you could transform your energy of scarcity into an abundance flow of every action step to move from lack to abundance is enough at the moment?  What if you could love yourself enough, to be enough?

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