Body and breath

Have you had Covid?

Does this somewhat ring true for you?

Have you noticed that the world you lived in has changed since the onset of the Covid pandemic?

Do you experience this too?

Covid has brought different awareness of Life to you?

Does this ring true for you?

If any of the above are true for you, then it is time for you to take a deep breath. 

Do you take Life for granted?

Do you take Breath for granted?

Paying attention to Breath brings back awareness of Life itself. 

Our body is truly unique. It breathes and digests for us and keeps the heart beating while we attend to our lives.

Your lungs, as well as all the organs in your body, work day and night continuously. The oxygen we take in with each in-breath gets into each cell in the body through the blood. Each out-breath releases carbon dioxide as a waste product. When carbon dioxide is not fully released, the body experiences a build-up of toxins.

Why is there so much fear towards Covid?

At no time are we more aware of the lack of Breath than with the experience of Covid-19? 

We now know that even if you survive Covid, the long-lasting effects in the body are linked to other organs, especially the brain. When the exchange of oxygen and dioxide is repressed, brain function is greatly affected. Many people report that they feel foggy and suffer short-term memory loss. 

Whether you have or have not had Covid, the world as we knew it has changed. We all have made many adjustments to our lives. We have discovered some interesting facts about ourselves. Our fears have risen. The concerns of our loved ones have risen, and the fears of people around us have risen. 

The increase of stress levels since the pandemic has risen beyond healthy limits. Yes, some of us are more resilient than others. Do we just accept the consequences and learn to live with them? 

What can we do about this constant increase in fear-driven stress?

Firstly acknowledge that while you may feel helpless in the vastness of the pandemic, you may pay attention to your Life and the way you want to create a good way forward for yourself. 

Start now! 

Become aware of what your body and mind are experiencing. 

Honour your Life as a Gift! 

Bringing yourself back to living Life fully is your responsibility to yourself. Only you can be responsible for your choices. 

To start with, focus on your Breath and the awareness of the perfect flow in your body.

Breath is your Gift to your Life!

Awareness of your Breath brings greater attention to your Life!

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