August Abundance Awareness Month

Imagine >>> Stepping into the Future of your Vision >>NOW

“I cannot see a future”.  

“I feel stuck with nowhere to turn”.

Recently an awareness that life is becoming more and more challenging has entered my energy field through the people I meet and am in contact with. Yes, the optimism that people felt pre-Covid19 is waning. The economy is taking a turn downwards.  

The general unease is an experience of lack of Abundance.  

Covid is here to stay, even though restrictions have been lifted and life has gained a sense of normality.

The cost of living is rising.

Anger and frustration are on the increase.

This chaos phenomenon is not just a South African problem. There is a global increase in dissatisfaction.

How can we escape this dilemma that is part of us?

The fears that were suppressed by the optimism now are exposing themselves sometimes with tragic consequences. 

Recently a few coaches addressed this question: “How can we step into a future filled with Abundance”? 

Are we co-creators of all that we experience? If so, how? If not, why not?

What do we need to do and be to co-create an Abundant Future for ourselves in the global consciousness?

If you are currently not experiencing a sense of Abundance in your life, what can you do to manifest more and more Abundance?

Be the change you want to create in the world around you.

That is a big ask.  

I want to encourage you to ask yourself:” How have I, as an individual, created my current situation”? More importantly: “How have I contributed to and co-created the increasing frustrations in my surroundings and globally”?

You may feel that what is happening in the world around you is not your problem, or you may take your part in taking up responsibility for your co-creation in global consciousness.  

What is your vision of your future, your family’s future? Are your current thoughts, feelings, and actions supporting that?  

I planned this Systemic Constellation Workshop at the beginning of the year with the intention of re-focusing and re-aligning mid-year for the outcomes of 2022. Little did I know then how timely last night’s coach chat session would be.

The last two weeks I spent in introspection with the question: 

“How can I take responsibility for all the suffering I have contributed to the current global despair’?  

I acknowledge that I have shown up in this world with anger, frustration, helplessness, and despair. How has that impacted and contributed to the global consciousness? Hmmm, I wonder. I am not innocent.

I have taken it upon myself to have serious clearing-out sessions to let go of all the negative emotions so that I can show up differently with Grace from the Universe.  

Be the change you want to create in the world around you.

The question is, “How will I step into the future”?

Each of us is individually responsible for stepping into the future of our desires and co-creating the journey to reach our desires, despite the world around us appearing differently.

How you show up is up to you, despite where the world is going and what is currently happening. Each of us is in this current chaotic spiral. Nobody is exempt unless you want to exempt yourself from it. How are you going to do that? 

The first step is to say I am responsible for everything I co-create in my world.

What are the thoughts, actions, and reflections that I contributed to be in this global consciousness experience? You get the answer with Awareness of thoughts, actions, and reflections you express in conversation or with others.  

How can you be the change you want to create?

You cannot change the world around you.

How are you now going to step into the future?

You can only change yourself. 

How do you want to show up in this world of chaos? I wonder what changes would show up in your world and the world around you if you can show up with the grace of peace?

I wonder what it would mean if you could show up with grace and peace?

Would that make a difference? 

What would you see, hear and experience? 

Whenever you engage in negative self-talk or chitchat with another, you show up with the chaos surrounding you. That is how you contribute to the country’s disorder. Now we have an excellent opportunity to step into a path of healing and alignment to become the truth within us. A reality we had forgotten when we stepped into this human body that has been programmed since the beginning of the human path here on Earth.  

This planet Earth is abundant in all its gifts. 

 Abundance is in constant flow.  

I wonder what would happen if you could step into your future filled with a constant flow of Abundance?

What is the contribution that you can make? 

The Systemic Constellations Workshop shows your limitations that prevent you from stepping into the future of your desire. Now is the perfect time to challenge your barriers and step through them into your world filled with the Grace of Peace that allows Inspired Abundance within you to flow.

Please join us in creating a movement of Abundance Co-Creators.

We are looking for South Africans who want to take hands with us to make a MASSIVE impact in Awareness in the minds of every single citizen in South Africa during August.

You can join us here.

What change would be possible within you that creates the ripple effect you send into the global consciousness?  

Would it not be awesome to take responsibility for co-creating healing and alignment for the global consciousness to show up in a peaceful flow of life? 

This planet Earth is abundant in all its gifts. 

Abundance is in constant flow.  Let’s do this!

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