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You can heal from all trauma


"...and the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"

Release your pain!

Reclaim your joy in life!

Gain control and live fully!

You can heal into wellness and wholeness!

HealingPoint describes the turning point during each therapy session in which the client’s perception changes from drab to colourful. Different trauma, stress and distress therapy modalities are used for the most efficient and effective release of emotional pain. 

Trauma is a burden you cannot afford.

You can grow through and from difficult situations!


Sonja Simak is a trained Integral Traumatologist and a registred Natural Health and Neuroauriculotology Practitioner. 



For more than 15 years Sonja has provided effective, unique, not otherwise available trauma intervention treatments.  She is associated with Traumatology Services International, Natural Healers Asoociation and Ethnomedical Practitioners Association of South Africa.

Her efficient trauma counselling services, provide immediate resolution, both physically and mentally of individual traumatisation.  Effective trauma healing restores the individual to normality, gaining control of day to day living, without the use of drugs.  There is no long term therapy involved.

When people suffer from negative emotions or stress related feelings, such as Angst, panic or overwhelm of any kind, rational thinking tends to have a distorted perception of the world.  With Sonja's expert guidance, through step by step healing processes, people can begin to see life more colourfully and clear.

This is symbolic of the restoration of all parts of the body as well as wholeness in life!


For fast and effective trauma treatment contact


Sonja Simak

Mobile: +27 82 222 2458 Phone: +27 11 510 0018 email: sonja@healingpoint.co.za   ‘Like’ our Facebook Page, or connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with News, Special Offers and exciting events!   facebook    linkedin


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Trauma can be healed!

While trauma is part of our life experience, you do not need to suffer lasting ill effects. At HealingPoint we recognise your right to healthy unlimited living.


service-emotional-trauma Emotional Trauma

Effective trauma treatment includes healing of all trauma. Crime related incidents such hijacking, armed robbery, rape, etc can be resolved with one session only.

Sudden losses of any kind, such as - loss of loved ones, marriage, job or other can be very traumatic. With safe and empathetic intervention you will feel better within one session. Abuse of any nature, which may build up over time leave unresolved emotional scars. While it may seem uncomfortable at first, the relief of these burdens allow for the full colour spectrum of life to emerge. Read more.  

service-stress-management Stress Management

Stress managementis a natural follow on to our treatment methodologies. Re-connecting and feeling safe in life allows for healthier living bringing forth feelings of happiness and joy to be experienced naturally.  Read more.

service-systemic-solutions  Family Constellations

The clearing of subconscious ties through the facilitation of Family Constellations re-establishes the client to regained purpose in life. Life matters! Your belonging is enhanced claiming your freedom to be within the flow of life. These workshops have its roots steeped in Family Constellations. Read more.

service-wow-together Wow Together

It is through the healing of trauma, or, as we view it, acknowledgement and healing of ‘pain balls’, that partners in marriage, or otherwise have re-connected and regained strength. From this our Wow Together program has been developed. This program encourages partnerships to be held in love. Trust and respect are regained and life together is experienced as fun. Read more.


Regular family constellation workshops are hosted.
For further information, kindly leave your details in the contact page OR click on the Upcoming Constellations Workshops link below to make your booking
Upcoming Constellations Workshops  


12 March 2016 Saturday

Venue to be advised


9:00 am
13 March 2016 Sunday 299 Herder drive,Tranquillity Place NORTHCLIFF 9:30 am
April 2016 Saturday

We are currently in a transition period


17 April 2016 Sunday 1096 Chateau Avenue, Allens Nek ROODEPOORT 9:30 am
15 May 2016 Sunday

1096 Chateau Avenue, Allens Nek


9:30 am


New training starts 12 February 2016
  Facilitating Family Constellations in Professional and/or Individual Practice   TRAINING in JOHANNESBURG - Northcliff    For training schedule click ->2016.2 TRAINEE SCHEDULE NEXT one year course starts 12 February 2016 If you work with clients individually in your professional setting, this basic module in Family Constellations will give you a deep understanding on how to use systemic work effectively with your clients. Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, clergy, social workders, body workers, coaches, school counselors, marriage and family therapists and consultants will find the constellation perspective to be a valuable addition to their practice.  Ironically, the more we understand the family system, the more completely we can support ehe individuals who come to us in finding their way to wholeness and well-being.  Read more.[/service_item] BENEFITS PROGRAM CONTENT & TOPICS The specific content of each program is customized to meet the needs and interests you bring into our learning circle.  This topic list is a starting place for us to use to address constellation work in professional practice.  

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