Emotional Trauma

Effective trauma treatment includes healing of all trauma. Crime related incidents such hijacking, armed robbery, rape, etc can be resolved with one session only. Sudden losses of any kind, such as - loss of loved ones, marriage, job or other can be very traumatic. With safe and empathetic intervention you will feel better within one session. Abuse of any nature, which may build up over time leave unresolved emotional scars. While it may seem uncomfortable at first, the relief of these burdens allow for the full colour spectrum of life to emerge Read More

Personal Life Coaching

Stress management with Personal Life Coaching is a natural follow on to our treatment methodologies. Re-connecting and feeling safe in life allows for healthier living bringing forth feelings of happiness and joy to be experienced naturally. Read More

Relationships Matter

We are all born into an initial relationship which bonds us to our father, to whom we owe our life, and a mother, who through her body nurtured us into love and life. This initial relationship sets our life path. Through it we become who we are, both by ancestry as well as environment. It appears that all future relationships are entangled within the one we are born into. Read more