What others say about Healing Point

“I cannot begin to describe how Family Constellations has helped me in all areas of my life. It has helped transcend and shift so much energy in order to put me in flow that has helped me towards my purpose in life. Sonja is amazing and extremely passionate about the work she does.

She has a genuine care and love for helping people move on from past issues.

I believe everyone will benefit from this modality.

Thank-you Sonja, I am truly grateful.”

Bronwyn Petzer


Constellations have taught me that there is a lot more in play that influences our lives that that which we can see.
We are impacted by events and situations in our lives that have come from times long before us. We continue to play out patterns from our forefathers – even if it destroys us.
Constellations have shown me that it is not our fate to carry the burdens and feel the pain from those before us. It is within our power to set ourselves free of the pollution that is in our bloodline.
Awareness is the key to change. It does not have to be broken, hidden or pushed away. The issues need to be brought out into the light and acknowledged. The truth will always set you free. Constellations give you the truth. From there, you have the chance to claim your freedom.
Thank you, Sonja, for your passion and your wisdom. You share this with us so willingly. Your work is liberating. Thank you for handing on this exquisite knowledge.

Lynette Anderson


Knowing that everything is energy and frequencies… I’ll share with you, why I was drawn to this unusual way of treating trauma and discrepancies, that repetitively, seem to creep into our daily lives, and which seemingly feel insurmountable and totally confusing. After a number of sessions, I was able to discern and see how some of these “drama’s” ‘play out’ in our families, our relationships, and our choices, by becoming ‘all-consuming’ in our everyday lives too. We are so unaware of the “baggage” we have “inherited” or carry unwittingly, instead we could maybe find remedy and resolve, in this powerful work and sometimes, even instantaneously. And by this I mean, it resonates intensely and immediately within the person that is being constellated. The greater ripple effect on a collective level has also been mind-boggling for me, to say the least.
I, therefore, was inspired to gain more knowledge about this intrinsic method of healing, which seemed to support the idea of a much deeper and all-encompassing healing, on a SOUL-LEVEL, which I had not experienced… up until my introduction to this work.
This put me on a path towards greater self-healing and self-awareness – under the watchful eye and and genuinely intuitive guidance of Sonja – with a deep desire and intent to share the profound benefits of this healing concept, which encourages a non-judgmental attitude, along with gentle, and at the same time, intense, uncanny insights, and which, inexplicably, penetrates, not only on a physical, emotional and mental level, but permeates on an unfathomable soul-level too.
Another intense learning and benefit from Constellation training for me… is too simply tune in to One’s own energy field – connect with the collective, all Knowing-field – and simply note your own inner body’s reactions, emotions and breathe. By doing this, a person can fully re-connect with one’s Ancestors and be forever grateful for the Life that filters through our earthly bodies at this time, and know YOU ARE, because of all who have gone before you. The strength and support gained from this, is awe-inspiring and can aid in our daily living too.

Brenda Barbarovich


Hi Sonja

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most profound constellation session. I felt so confused by so many aspects of my life and my family dynamics that I could not see how to integrate them. Your incredible wisdom, insight and amazing skill in constellating and integrating the deep soul truths to bring me to a place of inner peace – a true settling once I could see and feel how all the parts fitted together – was truly phenomenal. Words cannot describe just how grateful I am for you and your amazing work. Heartfelt gratitude. Nicky.

Nicky A. Slow
Transformation Coach