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Childhood Trauma
It is in the past. Why should we address trauma that is in the past? It has happened and nothing can change what happened. Most, if not all, adult stress related situations are based in the body's memory system of the past, especially in childhood. Yes, we cannot change what happened, but we can change the meaning we gave the situations as they happened. In Victor Fraenkls book "The Meaning of Life" he clearly describes that our life greatly depends on the res...
We experience abuse at something that happens to us that harms us. The intentional harming of another person is deemed as abusive. Abuse can be : - Physical abuse is the infliction of injury by another person. Physical abuse can happen to both children and adults of either gender and of any sexual orientation. The injuries can be inflicted by punching, kicking, biting, burning, beating, or use of aweapon such as a baseball bat or knife. Physical abuse can result in bruises, burns, p...
Depression & PTSD
We, at HealingPoint offer a unique multipronged approach to healing, stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. It is our purpose that YOUR life includes Joy and Happiness and complete fulfillment of YOUR life! Depression is mostly linked to unresolved trauma. The person cannot see a positive meaning to life. Negative thoughts become all consuming which increases stress and anxiety. Life becomes unbearable. Often depression is linked to PTSD Post Traumatic Stress (Disorder) is not...
Crime Related Trauma
Murder, Hijacking & Armed Robbery 
These are but a few trauma linked to crime in our country.
While we may have become desensitised to the happenings on a daily basis, the shock when it happens can become quite overwhelming.

While we cannot change what happened, we can change how we effectively deal with what happened.