Sonja Simak is a trained Integral Traumatologist and registered Natural Health & Neuroauriculartology Practitioner and is NOW also qualified and registered as an International Master Life and Transformation Coach

Sonja specialises in unique and highly effective trauma intervention treatments.

With over 15 years’ experience, Sonja has developed effective counselling and coaching services which provide immediate physical and mental resolution – restoring the individual to normality and allowing you to gain control of your day to day living.

“When people suffer from negative emotions or stress related feelings, rational thinking tends to have a distorted perception of the world”

As a life and transformation coach, Sonja discovered her passion for empowering people through her own life experiences. Through the use of efficient and innovative techniques she provides expert guidance through step by step healing processes which alllows people to be able to see life more colourful and clearly focused. An altruist in many ways, one of Sonja’s greatest joys is seeing another person discover their unique purpose and life they were meant to live.

“I see all the blessings in my life and find myself experiencing joy and happiness constantly.”

In each session, Sonja aims to assist clients take the leap of faith into the unknown, and will challenge each client to explore various avenues as an oppsortunity to find ultimate living life forward with purpose and direction.

Sonja Simak

  • ADV Dip Trauma CIA
  • Master Transformation Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Negative Emotional Therapy™ Practitioner
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Family Constellations Practitioner/Trainer
  • Health Care Practitioner
  • Traumatologist